Anders Damås

Drummer & songwriter

After years of drumming and singing background vocals for other bands and artists, I finally took the leap to release my own songs. It started out as a Covid lockdown project where I did all instruments and vocals myself.
I got a little help producing and co-producing the first single wich was released as a good old A- and B-side single that included the songs "Empress of The Blues" and "Riding With The Devil".  
I got professional help with mixing and mastering all of my songs.

On the next release, "A Traveller's Story" I felt confident enough
to produce the song myself. I think I got away with it.

I have never been a solo-instrumentalist, so when my next release called for some outstanding, world class harmonica, I had to call one of my friends, Mr. Arne Fjeld Rasmussen. 
He took my tune "Nightlife (Dracula's Song)" to another level!

My fifth song, "D'Guineafowl Gumbo" also called for some another level musicians, so I called my former bandmates Steinar Karlsen, electric barytone guitar and Magnus Østvang, hammond organ and they
did not let me down!

Song nr six was recorded with the people who now happens to be my band; "The Acres of Corn"
They did a great job in the studio on the song "Scarecrow & The Acres of Corn".       -   And they are:

Marius Fagervold: guitar

Robin Meier Rødsjø: guitar
Bjørn Arne Toldnes: organ

Bård Terje Larsen: bass

Thank you, guys! 

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Anders Damås

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Anders Damås


Anders Damås


Anders Damås


The band on my last recording

Featured artists on D'Guineafowl Gumbo

Magnus Østvang

Steinar Karlsen

Featured artist on Nightlife (Dracula's Song)

Arne Fjeld Rasmussen